The invasion of polar bears keeps villagers on Chukotka in fear

Residents of the Chukchi village Ryrkaipiy are afraid to leave their houses.

Polar bears with their cubs increasingly began to go to to people. Predators are constantly located within the village of Ryrkaipiy. BUT especially curious even go to the locals.

The migration path of polar bears lies through the village. Of another there is no detour to the sea, which means that polar bears cannot get to the water without passing the village. But due to the lack of ice cover on the sea they have no opportunity to go hunting. That’s why it turns out that the predators are “upholstering the rapids” of the village of Ryrkaipiy waiting suitable climatic conditions.

To avoid unwanted and unexpected encounters with bears villagers installed additional lighting. And annoying predators scare away construction equipment and light-noise rockets.

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