The Indonesian saved the crocodile and settled it in his at home

A huge crocodile lived in Indonesian for more than twenty years family, but recently he had to be relocated to a safari park.

The beginning of this story is reminiscent of the beloved cartoon. Man named Irvan was walking along the street of his hometown and noticed that the boys are torturing a tiny crocodile. He is for a half dollar bought the beast and brought home. The crumbs that fit in the palm of your hand quickly grew into a huge monster.

The crocodile was called Codec; twenty years later he weighed 200 kilograms and reached a length of three meters. Codec experienced sincere affection for people and blissed when the owner washed him out of the hose.

Irvan washes a crocodile

The whole family cried when they had to give their pet in safari park – the city authorities insisted on this. Now Irvan and his family often visit Kojek, and the crocodile always will know.

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