The imprint of her will help to find the lost dog. nose

Pets are lost more often than you can imagine. Developed by Chinese will help to cope with the actual problem. Programmers Computer Application: Dog Loss Can Now identify by snapshot of his nose.

It turns out that the “patterns” on the dog’s nose are as unique as papillary lines on the pads of human fingers. it circumstance enabled Megvii to bring to life another original idea. So far, a Chinese development company specialized in tracking systems for people, now she at the same time, she took up the search for the missing animals.

Dog nose

Do you have a photograph of your dog’s nose?

Know-how authors convinced of its effectiveness and simplicity use. It is enough for the caring owner to photograph a nose your pet with a smartphone and enter the picture in a specially created a database that has already collected tens or even hundreds of thousands of dogs noses from around the world.

If the dog is lost or stolen, the real owner without labor will be able to prove their ownership. For this you need will only point the camera at the nose registered in the database dogs: the program will produce results instantly, with guaranteed 95 percent accuracy.

Dog Search Program

It looks like a search program in action

Today, more than 15 thousand owners have used the service, looking for their losses. Prospects for Chinese Innovation remain considerable, because according to zoodefenders, on a planet near we are home to about five hundred million dogs. True almost three a quarter of them are homeless, and alas, scan their noses no one.

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