The “hormone of love” causes starvation of the sea the stars

Oxytocin, which is considered the “hormone of love” in higher animals, starfish cause hunger. This is an experiment Scientists from the University of London (Great Britain) found out.

The object of research was the starfish red asterias. Those, who were administered oxytocin, showed eating behavior – took characteristic pose. It is worth noting that starfish are eaten upside down the stomach is out – so it’s more convenient for them to digest food. Control a group of asteriases were injected with water and their behavior did not change. Scientists concluded that oxytocin is an ancient feeding regulator animals, not just the hormone responsible for affection and others social emotions.

Starfish Asterias

Asterias are common in the North, White and Baltic Seas and often participate in research

Although the statement seems controversial, after all, starfish do not produce oxytocin on their own and their appetite in nature regulated by another substance, the results of the experiment provide food for thought. For example, that hormones alone do not able to be responsible for the feelings and emotions of living things – are also important the structure of the nervous system and many other factors.

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