The growth of ancient penguins was more than one and a half meters

Scientists examined the fossilized remains of an ancient penguin found in New Zealand. According to experts, the bird lived 56–66 million years ago.

The penguin was a real giant – its size was about 160 cm, that is, slightly less than the average height of our contemporaries. The weight The fossil bird was at least 80 kg. For comparison, body weight the largest modern species – the imperial – from 25 to 45 kg

penguin with the growth of a man ></p>
<p>Scientists recreated the approximate appearance of an ancient giant penguin </p>
<p>According to paleontologists, primitive penguins led approximately the same way of life as modern ones, ate fish and others marine life.  But the reason for their extinction remains a mystery. Probably the birds had natural enemies – predators, as well as more successful competitors for food. </p>
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