The girl bought a shaved kitten instead thoroughbred sphinx

Young American Joan Dook has long dreamed of a sphinx and, finally, found on the ad of a kitten, which seemed very cute to her. The baby’s name was Vlad, and he cost 700 dollars.

Do not bargain for a dream. The girl gave the requested amount and took the bald man home. She was happy. The only sad thing is that the kitten was constantly crying. The new mistress felt sorry for him and thought that he just misses mom. But after about a week through the smooth black wool began to break through the skin – it quickly grew, and soon Vlad ceased to be like a sphinx.

Veterinarian confirms Joan’s doubts: under the guise of a sphinx scammers They sold her an ordinary purebred kitten, this often happens. The doctor showed traces of healed burns and cuts on a feline the skin: the baby was shaved or waxed before the sale, otherwise and to both procedures at once – for reliability.

The girl nevertheless started the Sphinx: dreams must come true. Now she has two cats, and she loves both the same way.

Two cats

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