The French equipped patrol four-legged to the head

French scientists have designed special glasses with video tracking for dogs “at the service.”

The main feature of the glasses made by the French company Morin, has become an integrated video camera. These glasses were created specially for the services of dog training units.

Super-functional glasses are more like a mask, which puts on the dog’s face. The equipment itself is equipped with two cameras with transmitters. One of them can transmit field of vision the dog is within 140 °, and the second is located on the back side masks. Both cameras record for three hours.

With the help of speakers, the instructor can instruct the dog to special missions, getting an entire overview of the image on a smartphone or the tablet. Thus, the glasses will become the necessary props for search and rescue or patrol dogs. According to dog handlers, animals quickly get used to glasses. And the total weight of the mechanism is no more than five hundred grams.

Points are already being tested in one of the units of the French army.

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