The fight for the mattress and other feline ventures gangs

Skoda “cat-brothers” Chagit and Bubu live in the capital of Israel Tel Aviv They are great inventors and entertainers, but the mistress on them never gets angry.

Hundreds of cats and difficult kittens passed through Danny Meyerson’s house fate For nine years, the girl has been helping the homeless to animals: brings them from the street, heals, and then attaches them to the good hands. But Danny has his own pets – two dogs and six cats that she can never part with.

Bubu and Chagit were completely crumbs – thin, sick, nobody not needed when the girl took them from the shelter literally for several hours before euthanasia. Since then, she allows these anything for the spoilers. And they try – they knock home “brigade” for all sorts of dirty tricks. Here and now – they thought of dropping off the shelf a hefty mattress designed for the unexpected guests.

A couple of stripes pulls the mattress to the floor, the rest of it gnawingly and scratch, then Danny comes and puts the mattress on a shelf. After the story repeated for the hundredth time, I had to carry away the mattress from home. Well, okay – the main thing is that everyone in The result is a good mood.

Cat on the mattress

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