The dog went to “prison” after an attempt on his master

Sonny Gilligan from New Mexico ended up in the hospital after his pet Charlie accidentally pulled the trigger of a rifle.

The 74-year-old man is an avid hunter, and his dogs are loyal assistants in this matter. And this time he went hunting taking your pet with you.

Leaving a loaded weapon in the back seat of the car with dog, Sonny made a catastrophic mistake that could cost him his life. Charlie, like any hunting dog, sizes rather big. And so, when the dog wanted to move to the front the seat, he touched the shotgun – and the gun shot an elderly man right in the back. The bullet broke several ribs and collarbone.

Sonny Gilligan managed to react and got 911 rescue service. The ambulance arrived on time and was able to stop the bleeding. Now the man is undergoing rehabilitation. And all his dogs are temporarily “serving punishment “in a temporary shelter.

According to Sonny himself, he was very lucky that he was able to get to your phone. If the ambulance arrived ten minutes later, then the man would not have survived. Many tease him, putting forward the version that Charlie intentionally did it. But Sonia’s resentment against his dog is not holds.

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