The dog was too good – and she was returned to shelter

A dog was returned to an Arizona shelter docile for her new owners.

This was reported by volunteers from the Arizona Animal Welfare Association League on your Instagram.

The dog named Binks did not fit the new owners, as he behaved too good and turned out to be just the perfect animal.

The one-year-old dog was taken from the shelter, but returned two days later. Binks so wanted to please the new owners that with pleasure began to play with all members of the new family, did not conflict with anyone and was already ready to completely trust these people. Suddenly a dog to them bored – and he was taken back.

As it turned out, the so-called new family members expected them to run into difficulties and the pet will become kind “test”.

Binks is a favorite among shelter workers. At the moment, he looking for new and real owners.

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