The dog spent three years in a sewer collector until he was rescued

Three years ago, in Kaluga, someone threw out small puppies in sewer collector. Two of them managed to locals to rescue, but the third categorically did not allow himself to be saved – he did stayed to live in the pit for all this time.

A kind woman named Nadezhda did not leave the dog in trouble: every day she brought food, and in a bucket, as in a well, she lowered down fresh water. The dog continued to remain trapped in the dark and loneliness, and to call life such an existence was impossible.

People have not once made unsuccessful attempts to rescue miserable dog, nicknamed Tuzik. Finally, someone thought of good idea: it will be necessary to partially flood the collector – then the dog rises higher and can be pulled out. And so occurred.


Will the Tuzik live a normal dog life?

Hope took Tuzik to her home, but so far Feels uncomfortable in unusual conditions. At first, he even had to be kept in a cage – there was a dog calmer and she let Nadezhda stroke her. Released from the cage the dog has chosen a corner in the apartment where he doesn’t want to go: he still panicky afraid of the street, people and everything else dogs perceive quite naturally.

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