The dog miraculously survived: she was named Mercy

An American traveled by car in Texas and suddenly I saw the body of a large dog under the bridge by the old road. Woman stopped the car, came closer and realized that the dog was alive.

It turned out to be a young pit bull, a girl. It was evident that she was very bad and painful, but noticing a person, a dog of last resort set her forehead up: pet me, please.

It was necessary to hurry. With difficulty dragging a heavy burden to the car, the woman went to the vet. She was sure that the animal hit by a car. But the clinic did not confirm this version: judging by the nature of the injuries, the dog was severely beaten, his bones were broken, and then thrown to die. Fortunately, help came on time.

Pit bull on the grass

The girl was named Mercy – it’s hard to imagine more affectionate and grateful creature. The dog goes fast amendment, she is unusually attached to her savior and new to the owners who adore her and cannot understand: who rose hand on such a wonderful dog?

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