The dog believed that the owner would return for him, and through four years they met

An unfortunate incident occurred four years ago in Thailand: the host lost his dog. He searched for her for a long time and was already desperate to meet her, but fate decreed otherwise.

A man went to another part of the country to visit his relatives, and took a dog with him. While the owner was fueling the car, young the inquisitive dog jumped out of the door and ran about his business. When he returned, the car was no longer at the gas station.

Having lost a pet, the family was very upset. People hung out ads, combing the area, but all to no avail. They did not realize that at this very time the dog was just sitting and waiting near the gas station – at the place where it was lost. The dog was waiting host for four long years. He was spared and fed, one kind woman tried to take him to her house, but he again and returned to the road again.

Indifferent local residents began to look for the owner of the loss through social networks. Once a desperate owner accidentally stumbled upon video with his dog and immediately rushed to pick up his faithful friend.

Video: the owner did not believe his eyes when he saw these frames

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