The cow-stealing epidemic: the cows are taken away whole herds

Cattle theft has recently acquired almost industrial scale. Attackers are abducting cows already not “retail” as before, but “wholesale” – whole herds.

In the Irkutsk region, from a pasture outside the village of Nelkhai, the company previously convicted guys “realized for three” unattended village herd. Enterprising thieves managed unnoticed drive 32 cows for thirty kilometers – to your home, to the city Cheremkhovo. While law enforcement officers found the missing, nine cows have were sold.

But the “hijackers” from the Bryansk region managed to find much faster – just two hours after the theft. Two local residents took gullible cows into the forest for grazing near the village Getmanova Buda: then they wanted to transfer to the city and pass there to wholesalers. This time there were 51 cows in the stolen herd.

Cows in the herd

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