The cow got scared of injections and climbed the steep stairs to the second floor

Young sensitive cow in a panic hid from the vet on the second floor of the house of his master – a Turkish farmer, and then not could get down from there.

Farmer Ozgur Kizarli contains a small livestock economy in the province of Bolu (Turkey) and its duties Responsibly. When it’s time for another vaccination animals, he invited a veterinarian to his estate.

Seeing that her goods are injected with a large syringe, one of the cows were very scared and decided to hide. She imperceptibly sneaked inside the master’s house and even managed to climb to the second floor by an uncomfortable staircase. The problem is that she managed to go up, but to go down – already no.

Cow Vaccination

The vet with a syringe seemed very scary to the cow

A fugitive hiding in one of the rooms was found and even made to her vaccinated, but the cow categorically refused to go down the stairs. Kizarli even turned to the local authorities for help, but they didn’t came up with nothing better than immobilizing the animal and in such able to try to get him out of the house.

Cow on the stairs

How did you get down the shy cow down the stairs, farmer refused to tell

The farmer felt sorry for his pet and called for help the best minds. villages. After three hours of trying and experimenting, a shy chick managed to put in the barn.

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