The cat sank the mansion of the famous actor

In his social networks, Frankie Muniz said that his pet became the cause of the flood in the house.

Actor and TV presenter Frankie Muniz left for several days from at home for a relative’s funeral. He had to leave his cat home alone. On his return, Muniz discovered that four out of five the floors of his mansion are afloat.

Frankie Moonies

The man on his twitter wrote:

“Destroyed everything that I had. Expensive furniture, paintings, walls. And all because my cat with her paw opened the tap with water. ”


According to Muniz, he had depression for several days.

A Muscovite suffered from another cat. A man was cooking soup on the stove and a cat was sitting near his feet. Taking the pan in his hands, he decided rearrange the finished dish, but accidentally stepped on the cat. is he stumbled and fell, overturning a pot of boiling water. Man got serious burns, and his cat got out of the situation whole and unscathed.

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