The cat does not want the hostess to leave, and turns off alarm clock: video

In Brazil, two girlfriends who rent an apartment together, constantly late for work. They set a mobile alarm phone at the right time, but someone turns off this signal.

The girls decided to clarify this strange circumstance, especially that they already had a suspect – a cat Joakim, handsome, macho and universal favorite. In the afternoon he wants to sleep for others of the same desires.

Joaquim Cat

The investigation and video surveillance yielded results. Thai cat the breed, as it turned out, responds to the melody that it plays alarm clock – instantly rushes to the phone and scratches its paws on screen until the sound mutes.

Joachim was outraged when he realized that he was exposed and even tried to take the phone from the hostess. Funny video for five days gained almost 700 thousand views – join.

Video: exposing a home saboteur

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