The car fell under the horse: the animal is not suffered

In broad daylight, the Honda Fit car on the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk highway – Sinegorsk collided with a horse on the road. The horse left with places DPT under its own power, but the car was less fortunate.

Fortunately, the car barely left the regional center and did not have time to pick up speed, otherwise the consequences of the accident could become more serious. Horse from a nearby pasture galloping flew out from behind the bushes right under the wheels of the car – perhaps someone scared the animal.

A girl named Violetta, who was driving, complains that literally two years ago put up a car for sale and on this About Honda was brought in perfect condition. Now after contact with the horse, two windows, the hood and front bumper. In addition to the appearance, the chassis also suffered part.

Honda Fit after the accident

It looks like a Honda Fit after meeting with a horse

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