The calf was named after the MEP, who saved his mom

In Bulgaria, a five-year-old cow Penka gave birth to a calf. Event, seemingly completely ordinary, but it was around Penka in the past year, a pan-European scandal erupted.

Walking in search of juicy grass, a pregnant cow crossed the state border and ended up on Serbian territory, where it detained by valiant border guards. Strict international regulations prescribed to euthanize the offender, because at the intersection the border of the animal must have documents confirming its health – Penka did not have any documents with him.

Cow Penka

Foam almost died, but became famous

Fortunately, the story of a simple Serbian cow fell into the media, and thousands defended it people. They demanded to save Penke’s life – among those who signed the petition, there were many celebrities, for example, the legendary Beatle Paul McCartney. He did a lot to save involuntary violator of the European MP John Fleck – he personally appealed asking for clemency to the president of the European Parliament and to the Prime Minister of Bulgaria.


The calf was named after his “godson” – John

Goodness and solidarity defeated the bureaucracy, Penka returned home, safe and sound. In due time, this is the most famous in Europe the cow gave birth to a calf. Overjoyed owner decided somehow thank savior of his beast John Fleck and called in his the honor of a newborn bull-calf John.

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