The blind gull became the favorite of fishermen in Vladivostok

The sailors got an unusual pet.

Local fishermen noticed a lonely seagull, which nailed to yacht club pier. The bird was not going to fly away from the cozy a place under the courts, but in her behavior the men noticed something weird.

When the sailors decided to establish contact with the mysterious beast, then were slightly puzzled by how the gull reacted to the approach people. Upon trying to touch the bird, she immediately ran away to opposite side. Later it became clear that the seagull is blind.

Seagull Masha


She was given the name Masha, although no one understood the gender of the bird. If a seagull means female. And so Masha began to live among the sailors and yachtsmen surrounded by yachts and boats of the 7ft club.

Most of all, Masha liked the sailor Igor, who loves feed the bird with hands. For her, they even allocated a separate plate, where fishermen leave small fish and fry.

Sailor Igor feeds the bird


“Now all of us are courting her. There is always food for her. Our captain even said that he would disperse everyone if we don’t to feed. ”

Igor, local sailor

The only thing that worries hard workers is safer place or shelter for an unfortunate bird. But look after and look after Masha will always be after Masha until she finds a house.

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