The beautiful thoroughbred dog became a stray and lost faith in people

Excessive popularity of a breed rarely benefits to dogs. People acquire them as living toys, and when faced with the first difficulties are simply thrown out into the street.

So it happened with this white beauty of the breed Labrador. Volunteers spotted her with two other stray dogs, when she was already deeply pregnant. Expectant mother is clearly She didn’t trust people and hastened to hide. And while they were looking for her, puppies managed to be born.

There were six of them: four snow-white, like a mother, two – black, like dad, probably. The dog hid them in a pile of brushwood and aggressively defended from people. But experienced volunteers managed to agree with young mother: she, along with newborn crumbs, was carefully loaded into the car and taken to the shelter. At the same time, they grabbed two gentlemen of noble origin who faithfully accompanied the lady in wanderings.

A dog in a pile of branches

Amazon – the so-called white traveler – had veterinary care and placed in a shelter specializing in Labradors: dogs of this breed often find themselves on the street.

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