The atheist cat re-educates the believing mistress: video

The East is a delicate matter, and the Muslim East is even more so. But even the faithful Muslim could not resist putting it in the internet is an awesome video.

An elderly woman prepared to perform the evening prayer. She dressed appropriately, spread a prayer rug and already knelt down to embark on the mogrib (fourth for day of compulsory prayer). But it was not there.

Suddenly, a well-fed fat man burst into the room a black and white cat, a clear favorite of the mistress, and began to stubbornly interfere with her pray. As soon as a woman dropped her forehead to the rug, like a tailed an atheist jumped onto her head: biting, pawing, trying to rip off the scarf was generally extremely aggressive. The prayer fought back but somehow sluggish – it seems that this situation does not arise in the first time.

Video: get up, I said eat come on!

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