The actress disappears: for the sake of burgers, the dog ran away from home at night

The owner of the dog, nicknamed Princess, began to notice after her pet some oddities. The princess ran away every night at home and returned in the morning. In addition, during this time, the dog significantly gained weight. She decided to figure it out herself girl.

Once she waited for the Princess to leave the house again. When the dog went about his nightly business, her mistress sat in car and arranged surveillance. As it turned out, the Princess at night moonlighting as a beggar near McDrive. The most amazing, that people believe her and share their burgers and potatoes with her fries.

The girl also decided to drive up to the local beggar and apply for food of the unfortunate. She took a photo and posted it in her Instagram. And in a post under the picture she wrote that this is not homeless dog, and let her stop feeding harmful burgers. Princess already gained extra pounds.

Photos of the dog on Instagram


Seeing his mistress, the dog understood everything and with a guilty look went home.

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