Terrible news from Texas: dogs ate their the owner

Relatives sounded the alarm, finding the loss of 57-year-old Freddie Mack, who lived in solitude on the outskirts of Vines (Texas, USA). Police had to do a DNA test to find out: man was eaten by a flock of own dogs. The incident of July 15 reported LENTA.RU.

Senior citizen Freddie Mack has long preferred dog society to the human. On its site lived a flock of eighteen large dogs whom he called his only friends but fed not too often – to be meaner and better guarded. However, it is unlikely whether Mack himself ate properly: he almost never left the fence, and food was brought to the hermit by a compassionate relative who visited him a couple of times a month.

On the next visit, guests could not get into the house: Freddy to them did not go out, and the dogs behaved extremely aggressively. In a few days, after another unsuccessful attempt, relatives called the police. The owner was nowhere to be found, but on the plot lay suspicious fragments of human-like bones.

Police cars near the house

The police found a terrible picture on the abandoned site of Mack

After examining canine feces and found in them a scary version was confirmed for shreds of hair and clothes: the owner was eaten dogs. Was he alive at that moment or had already died naturally the reasons are unknown. The dogs were so hungry and aggressive that torn to pieces and two of his brothers.

Thirteen most vicious dogs were euthanized, and three more sent to a shelter. Will there be a kind person who decides to host these cute dogs?

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