Ten times less: the neighbor earned dog barking

Too “talkative” pets can be a big problem not only for their owners, but also for the whole house in which they dwell. There are already judicial precedents in this regard.

A resident of one of the apartment buildings in Yaroslavl filed a lawsuit against neighbors whose dog is constantly barking. The woman estimated her moral loss at fifty thousand rubles: due to the incessant noise on the floor below, she cannot rest, nor sleep well.

During the trial, it turned out that the owners of the dog stumbling rented a house in this entrance and the landlady no complaints about cleanliness, order and behavior pet. However, the stubborn neighbor presented the court with a police report, confirming: barking was heard at inopportune hours, after eleven o’clock in the evening.

Red dog

The court supported the plaintiff, urged the owners to bring up better the dog and recovered compensation from them – five thousand rubles, than partially satisfied the applicant’s requests.

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