Sverdlovchanka will open a shelter for dogs on lottery win

Thanks to winning the lottery, a resident of the Sverdlovsk region will be able to realize his two old dreams at once. She will buy a little one house by the sea and will open a shelter for homeless animals.

If you really believe in a miracle, then it will happen. Sverdlovchanka regularly bought lottery tickets in the hope that someday he will win significant cash amount. And so it happened – a woman’s win in the state lottery “Stoloto” amounted to 9.4 million rubles.

The owner of a happy ticket told what she wants spend that money. She will move to warmer climes, to the sea, and next to build a private shelter for stray dogs at home – even if only some of the unfortunate will receive shelter and food.

Puppies in a shelter

You can’t save everyone, but you can help some

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