Survivor: a man visited the mouth of a whale

An amazing incident happened in South Africa. Whale by chance swallowed the diver. The man survived, however, what happened will remember for a lifetime.

On that day, the diving coach wanted to swim as usual sea. Not far from the man in the water were sharks, dolphins and a whale. Suddenly, Rainer Schimp – the victim’s name – was in full in the dark. He realized that he was swallowed by a whale.

Man in the mouth of a whale

Bride’s minke whale prey is almost exclusively fish primarily from sardines and mackerels, as well as from crustaceans and cephalopods

According to the man, he immediately held his breath and was not afraid. Whale was Bryde’s minke whale, and this species is friendly and does not eat people. Sooner or later he would spit out the diver. But the danger is still was, because whales are able to dive to great depths and delay breathing for 15 minutes, because a person could simply suffocate. TO fortunately, the animal realized that he had a foreign object in his mouth, and spat out the diver.


Bride’s whale whale ranges from 12 to 14 meters

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