Surprise for the hostess: why does the cat need marijuana?

In Scotland, the cat puzzled his mistress, and she shared in social networks impressions. The striped pet decided to treat the woman dose of marijuana.

In feline nature, there is a habit of sharing prey with your loved ones the owners: who drags a rat home, someone – a bird, someone – rotten a bone. And this striped pet unexpectedly offered the mistress “weed”.

Cat and a bag of marijuana

The cat came back after the usual boardwalk with a mysterious look, he obviously brought something in his mouth. He lay down next to the hostess on the sofa and proudly spat out the trophy – the woman examined in surprise a small bag of marijuana. Not having time to really wonder she urgently called a veterinarian: what if her favorite bit a packet and poisoned?

The doctor did not notice anything dangerous, but just in case he did gastric lavage to the patient. Mistress hopes this nasty the procedure will repel the cat’s craving for drugs.

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