Such cattle need themselves: a seller in the market Istanbul could not part with a dwarf bull

A dwarf bull named Pasha attracted widespread attention to livestock market in Istanbul (Turkey). The seller could not add up the price of his beast, and then completely refused to sell goby.

Miniature breeds of cows have only recently been a curiosity, but gradually gaining more and more popularity. At average height 70–80 centimeters, in such animals is present a lot of advantages. Tribal producers capable of producing high-quality breed offspring.

Dwarf breed of cows

That’s exactly such a thoroughbred bull-midget and brought to sell to a popular Istanbul market resident of Afyonkarahisar. Farmer Ahmet Kochak, besides Pasha, offered for sale many more animals, but his three-year-old dwarf bull has fascinated all buyers.

However, no one wanted to give a real product for an exclusive product price: Ahmet requested 15 thousand lire, buyers were bargaining. Finally, the farmer said that he would not sell his pet: whether he I was greedy, or I just regretted Pasha.

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