Stop at all costs: at the Paris Hippodrome the horse bit the rival jockey

The gambling horse did not want to lose so much that it clutched its teeth at the elbow of a jockey ahead of her. Alas, even this did not help the mare come first.

Horse racing at the French Maisons-Laffitte racecourse in the area Paris always pass emotionally. but the last competition marked by a curious case that amused a lot viewers.

The moment of racing

The thoroughbred mare Palomba was called the favorite of races, but already on she began to concede to the opponent. In the heat of the fight horse decided to somehow slow down the leader of the race and bit her elbow the jockey Francois-Xavier Bertras, then again, and more. This a desperate attack did not help: Palomb remained the second, and her rival Lucky Lycra won. The bitten jockey didn’t hurt too – an envious mare only tore his clothes.

Video: playing, the mare flipped its teeth

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