Stingray mortally wounded on Australia’s beach resting man

Away from the Australian city of Hobart floating in the water the man was attacked by a stingray. About this accident informed the BBC News channel.

42-year-old man was swimming near the coast, when he suddenly became badly. People resting nearby helped him out of the water and called emergency rescue service. On arrival, an ambulance man died.

A puncture wound was found in the victim’s lower abdomen. According to the police, one of the marine could cause a fatal injury. the inhabitants. The local press explained that the man was involved in the death A stingray ramp that struck with its poisonous spike.

Stingrays are known for their deadly weapons in the form of 35 cm poisonous spike-tip. Using his the animal is protected from the alleged threat. In case of attack spike pierces the body of the victim. The poison enters the bloodstream, causing severe pain, swelling and cramps. When the spike comes in contact with vital organs death comes.

In the same way, Discovery Channel host died in 2005. – Steve Irwin. He was known for the program “Crocodile Hunter.” Steve received a mortal wound during the filming of the program about underwater the world.

The camera captured the moment of a deadly stingray attack

Source: photo stock

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