St. Petersburg volunteers released the bird of peace

On Krestovsky Island of St. Petersburg, rescuers from public organization removed a pigeon hanging on a birch – he somehow got confused in the fishing line.

Every day, several applications come through social networks in group “KOSHKISPAS. Rescue of animals. PSO Extreme”. People talk about animals and birds, domestic and wild, that got in trouble, and ask them to help. The most frequent “customers” at rescue volunteers – dogs and cats, but this time they had to release the bird of peace from the put.

Volunteer with a dove

Every day these guys save the lives of our smaller brothers

In most cases, animals do not suffer because of their own oversights, and through fault or because of human cruelty. What happened with cisar in a large sleeping area and why none of the local He didn’t help the residents – there was no time for the volunteers to find out.

The paws of a bird wrapped a fishing line, and the dove hung helplessly down head on a birch branch. That would soon lead to his death, especially on a hot July day. But the rescuers managed – they freed the “gallows” with the help of simple devices: stepladders and rope loops. A dove hobbled a little along the grass kneading stiff paws – and flew off somewhere about his business.

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