Spaniel watched his toy wash

The Spaniel, nicknamed Hubs, suffered a brief separation from his a teddy bear while it was in the wash and dryer.

The owner of the cocker spaniel decided to wash her teddy bear with her dogs, since he has already lost a decent appearance. After diving toys in the washing machine hubs got a little nervous since never before parted for a long time with his plush comrade.

Mistress Hubs, walking past the bathroom, noticed how her pet wasn’t takes his eyes off the washing machine. The girl could not help but photograph it at the camera. She posted a video on Twitter, and he in a few days became viral, gaining more than 10 million views and 870 thousand likes.

By the way, after washing, the dog’s torment did not stop, since the bear had to be dried. During the drying, the Hubs are pretty “sweat” from the nerves. But what was the moment of reunion after separation.

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