South African Zoodefender Moved Three Lions from Ukrainian circus to homeland to Africa

A zoo defender from Africa managed to accomplish the impossible: he saved from circus imprisonment of three adult lionesses and a lion cub. Lionel de lange moved predators to their natural habitat – South Africa, informs the online edition of the Daily Mail.

African animal advocate said he was engaged voluntarily raising funds and selling T-shirts – all for the sake of to raise money for transporting lions from the circus in Ukraine. In total, he managed to save 40 thousand dollars.

Predators never knew freedom, as they were born in captivity in the Ukrainian circus, and these animals were kept without any conditions.

The flight was planned so that all ten hours of flight the lions sleeping peacefully. Such a long trip should not have affected predator health. But in the end, the total travel time was seventy six hours.

Long Flight to Homeland


Upon reaching Kragga Kamma Park, the big cats made their first steps on the African grass. Now they are mastered and get used to freedom.

Unexpected freedom and a new life for three lionesses and a lion cub


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