Sold the animal – go to jail!

As it became known, yesterday the Russian leader V. Putin introduced criminal liability for the sale of valuable and rare species of animals. It’s about illegal deals when animals are sold through The Internet. The new federal law also provides for liability for the illegal use and sale of biological and water resources online.

The punishment for those who violate this law will be to stay in places. imprisonment of up to four years and a fine of up to one and a half million rubles. Details of changes in the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation No. 253 and No. 258 posted yesterday (June 27, 2018) on the legal website information.

Rare animals in

Law on the criminal liability for the sale of wild animals

According to the changes introduced, henceforth in Russia categorically it is forbidden to acquire or sell biological, water resources countries, as well as especially valuable wildlife and flora and fauna, which are listed in the Red Book. Illegal sale is considered to be one in which the purchase / sale of rare animals realized through the Internet, electronic or print media, through private announcements or ITS (information and communication network).

And how do you think, how this law is correct and whether to introduce it live as it is written on paper?

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