Snowball phenomenon: scientists have studied the dancing parrot (video)

Neuroscientists from the University of San Diego (USA) attracted to their research by professional dancer Joan Keen. They had to test the unique behavior of a dancing cockatoo named Snowball.

Irena Schultz has several parrots, but Snowball is the most talented. This fun company lives in the US state. Indiana, and the hostess dances with her pet almost every day. Perhaps this is precisely what the “Snowball phenomenon” is based on: Pets very often and with pleasure copy the behavior of people.

Parrot Snowball

The findings of the scientists were unexpected for themselves: this yellow-crested cockatoo refers to dancing as a person. Bird makes this is not to beg for food or to attract the attention of a female. Dancing because he wants, and he likes it. Snowball himself came up with at least seventeen dance steps and his head, he constantly improves his art.

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