Snake “decoration”

A few days ago, employees of the Kiev animal rescue service posted on Facebook information that in the center of the Ukrainian capital on the lantern of a residential building hangs a live orphan python.

Strange lantern decoration was noticed by random passers-by. They called the local animal rescue service. Zoodefenders arrived at place and using a stick for a telescope removed the reptile from the lantern. Python is in good condition, an adult, its length is almost two meters.

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Passers-by saw the snake

Python removed from the lantern with a telescopic stick

The incident was notified by local law enforcement agencies and the media. Now the snake is ready to return to the owner, as soon as zoodefenders and police documents will be provided that confirm that python belongs to the owner. As well as rarefaction on the content of exotic animals.

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While all issues are settled, the python is at overexposure at private veterinarian.

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