Small but loud: noisy marine found worm

An amazing discovery was made by Canadian scientists. One of the most high-profile marine animals turned out to be a multi-bristle worm.

These animals living at a depth of 170 m were found off the coast. Japan in 2017. The fact that polychaete worms are extremely noisy animals, biologists learned during research. When two individuals turn out to be nearby, then they start to fight among themselves unusual way. Worms come close to each other, open their mouth and begin to make a loud sound resembling clicks. it provokes the influx of water to the place of the scrum, which as a result casts worms in different directions. Probably animals like this way protect the territory. In addition, clicking may be way of communication

The length of the polychaete worm does not exceed 3 cm, however it can make sounds with a power of 140–157 decibels. For comparison, the voice the largest beast in the world – the blue whale – has a volume of 188 decibel, and the loudest in the world is a sperm whale, whose sounds reach 230 decibel.

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