Shunu tame kite sought in Moscow

Trained bird of prey flew from ornitharia and ended up in dangerous position. Ornitharic staff in Sokolniki ask Muscovites help in the return of the Shuni kite.

A carabiner broke on a leash holding a bird, and she immediately flew out of an open aviary. The problem is that the kite on paws left oputinki – special straps that are in any moment may get confused about a branch or other object, and then Shun will be helpless.

The second problem is that the kite is not afraid people and willingly comes in contact with them. Thus a feathered predator can scare someone or, conversely, become a victim himself. However, there is hope that Shun will return: he does not fly far from the ornitharius, and he is often seen in Sokolniki. And you did not notice the manual kite with paw straps?

Kite with an ornithologist

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