Showdown at a watering hole: video of an elephant fight and rhino

Fighting elephants and rhinos is not uncommon. Another fight filmed in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The video was written by Krishna Tummalapalli, a tourist from India. At first nothing portended trouble – the elephant calmly went to the watering hole. There already adult rhinoceros and calf quenched thirst. Maternal instinct the females turned out to be stronger than common sense – she decided that the elephant wants harm the baby and made the attacking move first. Giant Savannah felt that such insolence requires an answer and began fight. He did not touch the cub, but the female rhino got several sensitive strokes. Fortunately she is not strong suffered. Rhinos escaped, and the elephant calmed down, only when the adversary disappeared from sight.

In fact, an elephant would most likely not have touched mom and cub – this is not in the nature of the animal. As a rule, it is rhinos attack first.

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