Sheep found another use – disposal

Long proceedings with documents led to the fact that a truck with sheep stood for a long time in the port of the city of Chernomorsk (Odessa region). As a result, some animals died, and the remaining individuals decided to dispose of.

Due to apparent non-compliance with veterinary standards, a sheep car I couldn’t get past the port. In the wagon was at least several hundred heads of cattle. The press service informed about this. regional police.

While the issue of documentation on the import of animals was being resolved, part locked sheep died. All this time, still livestock was nearby with the dead. This was the reason for the disposal of all.

Police escorted a truck to the city of Tulchin.

According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, criminal proceedings were instituted for the following articles: “Cruelty to animals” and “Violation of veterinary rules. ”

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