Sheba Cat Food: Veterinarian Reviews and detailed review

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

Sheba cat food belongs to the premium class, and this means that in its composition only high-quality and fresh ingredients that are good for the health of a furry friend.


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Feed Overview

Mark Sheba is released in Thailand, well-established. on the market by Mars, which already had production experience feed for cats.

Sheba produces only wet food, but their range is not very vast.

The products of this brand are offered in banks and in spiders – sealed bags.

The contents of both types of packaging are designed for 1 serving and this right, as the furry pet will only get the freshest the food.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

Sheba food – an exquisite treat for your favorite cats

The Sheba brand has developed 3 feed lines:

  • Pleasure – contain meat, poultry or fish cooked on a couple: Trout and Shrimp, Duck and Chicken, Beef and Lamb, “Tuna and salmon”, this food is produced in spiders;
  • Classic – poultry and fish fillet: “Sautéed chicken breast”, “Tuna with sauce”, “Shrimp cocktail with tuna” – canned food in jars high in meat;
  • Fusion – slices of meat of two types for gourmets: “Chicken with beef with Togliata sauce, Turkey and chicken with sauce Tournedos”.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

Food in spiders

Sheba does not offer special and medicinal feeds, for example, for sterilized, pregnant or cats after childbirth.

Therefore, if the owner of a furry purr is not sure of his choice, he’d better study the reviews of the vets.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

Can I have one more?

Wet food Sheba for cats in spiders is diverse, a series Pleasure is full, containing the optimal amount minerals and vitamins necessary for a furry pet.

And, despite the low meat content (from 4 to 30%), satisfies the daily needs of a cat.

Classic and Fusion canned foods contain more meat (up to 50%), but also they cost more than Sheba cat food in spiders.

Important! The manufacturer does not recommend feeding cat only canned Sheba, and give them to her only in quality goodies, especially since her daily diet is up to 5 such jars – and it will cost a lot.

Despite the fact that the food looks like chopped into pieces meat, there are additives in it.

But they, as the manufacturer assures, are natural and necessary fluffy pet for proper digestion.


The main ingredient in Sheba’s food, of course, is meat – in This is its difference from the analogues of the economy class.

Producers claim meat or fish are used exclusively fresh, and not after freezing.

In addition to meat or fish, the composition of Sheba cat food includes:

  • tapioca, which is a flour from the root of a plant cassava. This natural ingredient contains starch, which helps to saturate the pet, and a large amount of fiber for normalization of digestion in a cat;
  • taurine – a substance that is often used for cooking diet food, it supports the work of the heart, improves vision and stimulates the stomach and intestines;
  • vegetable fats – necessary to maintain shine Wool
  • omega fatty acids – normalize metabolic processes;
  • Vitamin E – supports all regenerative processes in the body and is an antioxidant.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

Every cat will like this dish.

Attention! Veterinarian reviews indicate that the cat should receive more protein animal origin, which in Sheba and prevails, and soy and vegetable proteins in the composition of canned food are absent.

Sheba wet food is recommended for cats of any breed from age from 1 month.

Advantages and disadvantages

Drawing a conclusion from the reviews of breeders and veterinarians, cat food Sheba justifies its attitude to the premium class.

Among the many feeds on the market, he is one of the most natural.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

Afternoon rest

The benefits of Sheba wet food for cats include:

  • the content of natural meat and fish;
  • using only fresh products for its preparation, which have not been frozen;
  • the presence of substances for the health of the pet: taurine, vitamins, fiber, fatty acids;
  • special cooking and packaging technology, which contributes to the preservation of all beneficial substances;
  • special recipes and a wide variety tastes;
  • lack of chemicals and dyes;
  • convenient packaging for 1 meal.

Sheba wet cat food does not need to be washed down large the amount of fluid that removes the load from the kidneys of the pet.

The disadvantages of Sheba cat food:

  • not suitable for kittens younger than a month;
  • expensive;
  • the line of special and medicinal feeds has not been developed;
  • not recommended as a main product nutrition, but only as a treat;
  • not available in dry form.

Despite the fact that there are drawbacks to this feed, reviews of veterinarians about him are mostly positive, and most of they are recommended to use it.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

Here Sheba feasted on a walk


Since there are no medicinal feeds in the Sheba line, it is not recommended give sick, neutered cats, also it is not suitable for kittens up to 1 month old.

Due to the ingredients in Sheba, supporting the condition of the coat, veterinarians recommend giving it in the form of treats to cats of long-haired breeds of the Neva masquerade, and chinchillas Persian.

A high meat content will come in handy to maintain the vitality of large cats like the savannah, Maine Coon, Serval and caracal.

Manufacturers claim that Sheba is suitable for cats of any breeds: reed cat, snow shu and even bengal.

Sheba cat food – a treat is not cheap, it’s premium class.

However, for any loving host, the main selection criterion feed to your furry pet is not its value, but before all good.

Most people are also guided by the choice of cats themselves, as food is carried by her body, does it cause problems with a chair.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

I’ll catch right now!

Studying the reviews of veterinarians, we can conclude that in order to determine whether this type of food is suitable for a cat.

It is necessary to observe his behavior after feeding: if he playful, active and does not show aggression, then everything is in order.

Important! The health of the cat can be judged by bad breath, if present, then selected feed is not suitable.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the state of his coat: if she glistens, does not fade and does not get tangled, which means that Sheba’s wet food for cat is suitable.


Elena, Vladimir: “I decided to pamper my Gertrude bought new food and Sheba. In the evening I put it in a bowl and went with friends for a walk. Returning home did not find any bowls nor Gertrude. It turns out this pug licked the whole bowl and then dragged her in the teeth in the apartment, inhaled the aroma. I found a bowl under the cupboard. I liked the food so much that I even doubt it, what if there added something like that. ”

Aleftina, Novosibirsk: “I go for our We bought Arnold on the advice of a veterinarian, we had an urolithic disease and dry food are not allowed to us. Arnold is our red and fluffy feed he liked, the bowl is always empty. The wool doesn’t fade smooth, no special shine, our boy’s mood is always good, I think the food suits us. ”

Anatoly, Moscow: “Our Milord ate Sheba several months, but as indicated, you do not need to give this food constantly. I tried to replace him with another, so he doesn’t want, Give him the shibu. I am confused, completely abandon Sheba or stay only on it? “

Stolyarov E. A. Veterinarian: “Sheba” feed is suitable for feeding cats of any breed, the optimal amount of moisture, contained in it, in comparison with dry food, reduces the risk development of urolithiasis. Can recommend canned Sheba food for overweight cats, as it contains additives such as soy and cereals are not contained. Optimal combination ingredients of this food can solve the problem of constipation in cats older than 7 years. ”

Yarygina A. S. Veterinarian: “Many breeders cats prefer to feed their pets with products from their table, which is not completely safe for their health. Canned feeds such as Sheba are for diet adult cats, they contain the optimal amount of useful substances for normal digestion and improve metabolic processes in the animal. ”

Fatkullin E.R. Veterinarian, Director of the Clinic “Medvet”: “The Sheba cat food does not contain harmful preservatives such as bisphenol A, avoiding development of hyperthyroidism. The content of meat or fish in this feed optimal for the cat’s diet. ”


Happiness from the point of view of a cat lies in taking care of her owner, a cozy house, a soft sofa and of course tasty food.

Judging by the reviews of the owners of cats, many people like the taste of Sheba food. meowing friends, their digestion is not broken, and the coat is not molt.

Sheba cat food reviews of veterinarians

I ate, now play!

Testimonials from veterinarians suggest that Sheba’s nutritional value optimal for healthy cats.

This food contains raw protein, fiber and vitamins – exactly these substances are necessary for proper digestion and metabolism substances.

The composition of canned food is much richer in feed in spiders, it looks and it smells appetizing, cats eat it with pleasure.

Despite the fact that Sheba’s food is not cheap, this delicacy You can sometimes pamper your cat.

Sheba Cat Food: Veterinarian Reviews and Detailed Review

What is Sheba cat food: veterinarian reviews, its composition, varieties, health benefits, dignity and limitations.

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