She is alive and happy, no matter what.

Maggie’s five-year-old dog always smiles, even when sleeping. She adores his family and trusts people very much, although one of them did worse to her than the beast.

It is not known how Maggie lived until when in Lebanon a passerby came across a box with a young woman tied to it pregnant mongrel, terribly wounded and mutilated. She has the jaw was broken, the ear was cut off, the insides were broken off, into it fired 17 (!) times from a revolver. No one hoped that after this can survive – but Maggie was able, although completely lost vision.

Maggie with the children

A compassionate passerby rescued the poor fellow himself, then he kind people who learned about the story of Maggie helped. Dog made a complex operation, and after recovery it was taken to distant Brighton (England), into a loving and caring family.

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