Scientists have proven that dogs can recognize cheaters

Scientists of two reputable universities – Bristol (Great Britain) and Kyoto (Japan) – conducted an independent study on a group of 34 dogs and their owners. The findings were very interesting: as it turned out, these pets can recognize dishonest people and accurately read social standards.

Studies were conducted in three stages to achieve more accurate results. But the subjects showed similar behavioral reactions at all levels of the experiment. Animals ceased to trust the person who once them deceived, and continued to hold in relation to him wary. Not only that, dogs started with suspicion relate to people who at least once deceived their owners.

The dog sniffs a treat

Dogs did not take food from those who failed their master

Be extremely honest with your pets, recommend scientists, otherwise they will cease to trust and obey you. What if the dog clearly shows distrust to your friend, take a closer look: is everything okay with him?

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