Russians can even sing a kangaroo

Today on the Daily Mail portal there was news that Russian tourist was fined and deported from Australia for soldering animals at the zoo.

A noisy company of tourists from Russia, being, to put it mildly, in drunk, behaved inappropriately in a zoo on the island Rottnest (Australia). Tourists had strong strong drinks drinks, vodka. Having decided that everyone should join the fun the inhabitants of the zoo, one of the visitors gave a rare vodka and valuable animal – kwokku kangaroo (short-tailed species animal).

Friends filmed the soldering process on photos and videos and posted in The Internet. On these “evidence” rowdy soon found a local police.

It is surprising that the little animal did not reject the proposed “treat” and eagerly consumed “Pina Kollada”. This act caused indignation not only among local residents, compatriots tourists were also outraged by such an irresponsible act.

As a result, the unfortunate tourist through the court was fined nine thousand rubles and expelled from the country. And what happened to the rare beast quokka – not known.

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