Running for a pug: the hosts became sprinters instead their pets

Every year in Berlin, fun pug races take place. They have to were held for the tenth time, but a traditional event unprecedented heat prevented.

According to the conditions of the competition, dogs must run a distance 50 meters long. Interestingly, two are considered winners: and the one who runs to the finish line first, and the one who finishes the most the last one. However, yummies and other pleasant prizes get everything without exception, contestants.


Pug race: this is how it happens on a regular basis

But the end of this summer in the German capital was marked abnormally high temperature – plus 34 degrees in the shade. Pugs are so hot tolerate very poorly. The organizers offered the dogs cooling pools and ice cream, but still decided to cancel the race – so as not to risk it. And then the owners went to the start tailed athletes – it turned out very well too.

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