Runaway pony caught on dandelions

In the streets of Kiev patrol police chased a little pony, and he didn’t give anyone a hand. To persuade the horse succeeded only after she was fed with dandelions.

Passers-by called the Kiev police and said that according to Goloseevskaya street runs “no man’s” pony. Animal for sure lost: it rushes along the road and can get under the car. Militiamen reacted quickly and went to rescue fugitive.

Pony is running away

Attempt one: the pony runs away

The first attempt was unsuccessful: from a passing car filmed a funny video of a policeman trying to catch up with a small horse, but obviously loses to her in speed.

Video: pony runs away from a policeman

But the cops are not used to retreat, they decided to take if not speed, then a kind word. To catch an unusual client a more experienced policeman connected: he recalled that in childhood I visited my grandfather at the horse farm and treated the horses with dandelions. Via this delicacy was able to calm and catch a pony.

Ponies are treated to dandelion

Second attempt, successful: pony loves dandelions

Soon the owner was found and took the animal from the policeman branches. As it turned out, the pony fled from the territory of the National Academy of Bioresources.

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