Rottweiler in law: dog of a former drug dealer serves in the police

The Rottweiler nicknamed Vasilisa was an “accomplice” criminal groupings until the moment the squad police officers.

In 2015, police managed to detain a resident Izhevsk, which was engaged in drug trafficking. When searching the apartment A 33-year-old criminal was discovered by a Rottweiler breed dog. On surprise, she was trained and calm.

Law enforcement officers could not leave the dog to their fate and decided to send him to serve in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, entrusting him to work in the police. Vasilisa passed special training and passed an exam on the subject perceptions of external stimuli that can constantly distract animal in the performance of his duties.

After the training, the dog was assigned to a dog handler, with whom they together worked for two years. But soon a police officer was sent to retired, and Vasilisa found a new partner in the person of dog trainer Elmira Nurieva.

Together with workmate Elmira in training


According to Elmira, Vasilisa is already used to her. The nature the dog is kind, but serious and tough at work. In January, Elmira with Vasilisa will go to continuing education courses at the Ufa school, where they train dog handlers.

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