Rescuers took out a burnt cat from the fire

According to some reports, due to the raging fire in California more than a thousand people are missing. But from the natural the elements suffer not only people but also animals. During mass many pets are hiding, and their owners then look for they are together with firefighters, but they are not always found.

This story has a happy ending.

Lachi Ping and her husband also lost their pet. During emergency evacuation they quickly left their home, and their home cat Mason, frightened by loud explosions and screams, jumped out of his hands mistresses. He escaped to the very epicenter of the fire. The couple already thought that lost a cat, or he burned out in the forest.

But firefighters searching for animals found the runaway Mason and twenty-one more lost pet. Everyone was caught and delivered to the shelter. Mason suffered – everything was badly burned in him four paws.

Woman hugs a cat

After several days of treatment, the veterinarians handed over the living, but crippled cat with bandaged paws to its owners.

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