Rescuers freed the dog and drove to sterilization

This curious story happened in the Chilean port city. Antofagasta. A stray dog is in trouble, but fortunately, everything is for him ended well.

A curious dog for some reason became interested in automobile wheel and stuck his head into it. But getting out is no longer it turned out, the dog got stuck tightly. It would end sadly, some kind person noticed an animal and called rescuers to help him.

The Dog in the Wheel

The dog was so scared that he snarled at people and tried to to bite. I had to give him a sedative – and then everything was already a matter of technology. After freeing the dog, rescuers took it to the veterinary clinic for mandatory sterilization – a lot has divorced in this area stray animals, and their numbers need to be regulated.

When the dog recovers after the operation and feeds, it set free. Or perhaps by then there will be loving owner – he will surely be a motorist.

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